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For more than 15 years, we have experience in mascot, walking acts, figures running, running costumes, characters and more promotion.

With over 860 products, we are not only the most experienced shops in this area , but also the greatest. And this experience can be used , of course . With us, you not only run the costume , here you also find all the useful tips and tricks to help you figure your mileage stays for a long time .

But we do not only offer costumes or run- walking acts , we also have useful accessory for your running costumes. Whether transport bags , the matching shoes or important individual cooling vests are now . Of course we are also ready to customize a costume for you. Just for a recall value which is incredibly important. They thus create values and a unique feature of your club or your company. And you want to achieve . Perhaps you already have a club or company logo and want to present it on the running figure in the middle ? This is not a problem for us, because all products are professionally manufactured and guaranteed quality in fabric and workmanship will convince you.

Each individual standard walking act costume is made for you individually and designed. Therefore, please remember that you must reckon with a production time of 03-05 business days . High-quality walking acts with other costumes in the series " lightweight " and " foam " you have to expect 18 to 23 Werktatgen . Of course their special needs are very important to us . Namely we create your character run like exactly as you want . Send us your requests or tell us this on the phone with .

We will be happy to make a non-binding and free offer .

Our employees are trained to find you the best alternative and solution . There is nothing impossible and you can leave with our staff your imagination run wild .

If you have decided to fast, prefer no major change requests and the walking costume need very quickly , we offer you our Express construction service . Because perhaps you will realize that you need your costume running very quickly. For more information on price and the settlement you receive under the heading changes . Here , the necessary information can also be mediated by a short call . Of course you can order from us directly by phone then .

Sometimes you want to also so not buy a nice costume the same. For example , if you need it only once for an event or an event . This is not a problem. On favorable terms you can rent a costume running or walking act with us. We see in the " costume rental " category appropriate selection . And our selection is very large. Hiring for example, if you are still not sure whether you want to " set solid" a running figure and would like to advertise with this in the future . Try our walking acts and convince yourself of their quality and traction with customers and fans . The costs depend on the rental duration . For a custom quote you can contact us. You will see that we are very familiar with our characters running and walking acts. If you still have doubts , questions or suggestions, please simply contact us . Call us or send us an email. Our employees are there for you, will assist you and give you the information you need . We are looking forward to bringing you our running and walking acts figures closer .

Perhaps you may soon welcome you as customers. 15 years of experience make us the experts in the European market in the field of promotional costumes and walking acts .

+ + + Do not buy abroad your costume / quality has its price + + +

Look for Cheap Costume copies of our products that are offered in other shop 's mascot . Many other countries such as e.g. Far East native shops use our pictures as a sales presentation .
Then you do not get our original costumes, but produced different costumes. Unfortunately the costume doubles are both in processing as well as material not in the quality field like ours . In some cases, even a fraudulent intent behind it - you receive any goods and your money is gone! Mostly the costume plagiarism are also available at extremely reasonable prices, which are of course in our prices.

We therefore want to give the tip to the shops , descriptions and ultimately Mascot images exactly to look at and good to consider where you make the appropriate purchases .

When asked at prices you write us a call , we Guarantee the günstisten price !

Your running costume shop team