Wolf Mascot Costume 8 (advertising character)


This costume is made by professional tailors and therefore is of very good quality which makes itself felt for appropriate use.

the costume
Our walking act running costumes are all made by professional tailors - to modern industrial sewing machines and by hand!
Uses a high quality material - pure plush fabric. This ensures a high wearing comfort.
To cover all the skin of the wearer, you get several costume pieces . Primarily, you usually get a costume head, a body costume , a simple pillow or belly belly rings ( to wear as a Base Layer Skirt) , hands and feet . Of course, air and vision holes included in the header , which facilitates breathing and seeing.
Basically, the head is simply put like a hat on the head and fastened with a velcro body suit. The body costume (one - or two-piece, depending on the costume ) is worn as a jumpsuit or just like sweaters and pants. The hands represent the gloves and feet consist of gauntlets that you can wear over your own shoes because they are open at the bottom .
Our mascot costumes are in the appropriate color ( see picture) standard, but can also be customized or personalized on request . For example, by specific association and / or corporate colors or by applying a club logo.

Our mascot costumes are running - as already mentioned - manufactured by quality conscious skilled seamstresses and tailors ! These are are not based at Far East productions of our products ! Please also pay attention to cheap copies of our products on the internet because our pictures are often copied!
All the costumes were made by the CE safety standard . This means, among other things, that they were prepared in a standard size. So you can wear the costume easily support having a height of 1.70 m and 1.90 m.
The quality can be true only if you read the enclosed care instructions so you can easily clean the costume in the washing machine - at 30 ° C in wool gentle cycle . Excluded from this washability is the head , which should be cleaned by hand washing. This is because the head can contain parts of plastic , which would then damage the costume and / or your washing machine. In addition, the costume must never be placed in the dryer. Iron should also run the walking act costume not !
Overall, the running costume is very durable - but even here there are limits . So you should not wear near the fire costume.

We help you
You have questions about our walking act running costume? Or do you want a customization ? Then give us a call or send us an email to . We ship our products worldwide of course !

Product delivery
Costume completely as seen in the picture
Changes to the costume
Available at extra cost (contact us)
Changes in color
Available at extra cost (contact us)
Body size / dimensions
One size fits every person between 160 and 190cm
Materials head
Plush fabric / fine mesh net (100% polyamide)
Materials body / hands
Plush fabric / Velcro (100% nylon)
Materials pillow
Cotton fabric / pillow padding made of cotton wool polyester
Materials filling rings
Filler rings made of plastic & polyester material
Materials shoes
Plush fabric / imitation leather made of polyurethane / Synthetic rubber / foam
Material plush fabric
15% polyester / 30% acrylic / 55% fashion acrylic
Material property
High quality (CE-compliant and EU standards)
Without fan (not feasible for technical reasons)
Can be used inside and outside (not recommended in case of rain)
Production time
approx. 03 to 05 working days (from prepayment)
Shipping time
about 02 to 05 working days (Europe / other countries see shipping details)
8 - 9 kg
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